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A Note from Stephen Murray

Friday; January 31, 2020

Facebook Friends, Supporters and CampFire Survivors:  

November 8th changed my life for ever, I’m sure yours as well. A disaster that brought us all together. We reached out grasping onto anything we could, not knowing what tomorrow would bring. 

Today, my Camp Fire story comes to an end. I’m letting go of this disaster and moving forward. I have been here volunteering my life to helping fellow survivors, helping supporters direct there donations and started Coral Apple Foundation to help who we could.

 My prayers go out to all Survivors and hope that your recovery will come soon. I want to thank everyone that gave me and my family love and support. There are so many that I would name but so many I would forget. So thank you to everyone that has been there through this whole adventure with me. 

Still 15 months later I don’t know what I’m suppose to be doing, or where I’m suppose to take my family but what I do know is until I let go of this Disaster I won’t be at peace. 

I have prayed long and hard for God to give me some answers. He has gave me the strength to be here for 15 months and share my love with all of you. A lot of changes come along with this post, there is no easy way to do this. But please understand my feelings and compassion for the work that I have done and know this post is important to my families recovery moving forward. I want to thank my lovely wife Audrey and kids for being beside me through this whole chapter of our lives. To the supporters I borrowed money from to continue my support for Camp Fire Survivors, I’m a man of my word and will payback every penny. 

To all 54 Survivors that received a trailer that was donated please do your part and register them, I will be here to finish those transactions. The friendships that have been made through this are forever. Please know this wasn’t easy for me to post but very needed. Family First!!!! 


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Stephen Murray "One Man's Thoughts"

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Stephen Murray

 I am a survivor of the Northern California Camp Fire in Butte County.  The intent of this website is to help my friends and family share the word that I am raising awareness of what occurred in our town of Paradise, Ca November 8, 2018.  

A firestorm swept through town early that morning and left our town in ashes.  

If you come to my website all I ask is that you help by sharing my link to get the word out and please help donate via PayPal through my Non-profit Coral Apple Foundation or in person when we see each other so I can help the people of our town re-locate, rebuild and survive. 


Stephen & Audrey Murray

2485 Notre Dame Blvd Suite 370, Box #215

Chico, CA 95928

Chico, California, United States

(530) 513-8003

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Heartstrings Counseling 

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  • We provide a wide variety of counseling services for Individuals, couples, families, teens and adolescents, children and groups. Biblical counseling available upon request. 
  • Our counseling services include, but are not limited to: Stress and Anxiety Relationship Difficulties Developing Self Esteem Depression Codependency Grief Abuse Parenting Issues 

Online Articles



Camp Fire, Paradise, CA

Stephen Murray was the maintenance man at the 281 resident trailer park in Paradise, California. On the morning of Thursday, November 8, he could see the fire coming. Before any orders to evacuate were sent out, he drove around the park honking his horn and alerting the residents.

Evacuation was not as easy as it sounded, many of the residents were elderly and Apple Tree Village Park only had one road leading out -- and that road was backed up and not moving...

Feburary 11, 2019


Stephen Murray Hero of Paradise Valley "Campfire Documentary" on Northwest Digital NEWS NDN

February 22, 2019


Camp Fire Campaign Propane giveaway helps survivors stay warm

Camp Fire Campaign Propane event gave away 90 to 115 propane tanks and food/ gas gift card donations to Camp Fire survivors in a parking lot behind the Chico Mall

Paradise Man Saves Mobile Home Park Residents Before Evacuating to Sparks



Stephen Murray worked at a mobile home park in Paradise.  He knew danger was near before any evacuation orders were ever sent out, so he did his best to save those residents. 

Wednesday, November 14th 2018, 6:59 PM PSTUpdated: Thursday, November 15th 2018, 5:45 PM PST 

Maintenance worker credited with saving dozens of senior citizens from Camp Fire



Stephen Murray went to help residents at the Appletree Village mobile home park, where more than 280 senior citizens called home.

Author: Giacomo Luca
Published: 7:54 PM PST November 15, 2018
Updated: 4:37 PM PST November 19, 2018


The Camp Fire - One Man's Portrait - Golden Eagle Films


This is a small 4.5 minute segment from Golden Eagle Films upcoming documentary on The Camp Fire. The finished documentary will be much more extensive (including an extended version of Stephen's story) and will run between 40 to 60 minutes when it is complete. Thank you Stephen Murray for opening your heart and life to so many! We are still looking for people that may want to share their story to uplift others. Stephen lost his home which he could have saved it to save the lives of his fellow men and woman now he and his family are homeless, like so many others... How badly do you really need that parked RV? Contact Golden Eagle Films Director Nancy Hamilton if you have an RV, or if you are willing to buy an RV to donate to the many thousands who are now homeless in Paradise California and we will put you in contact with those in need.